A Tiny Bit About Me

Hello my name is Brad, and I am a braapaholic. A picture of myself.

For those unfamiliar with the term, braaaaaap!!! is the sound a dirt bike makes, and a brah-puh-haw-lic, is a person who consumes motocross in excess. Fortunately for me a cure for braapaholism has not yet been found, (though my mom continues to look). But don’t worry¬†moms, I’m here to help!

No, we are not going to do an intervention.

We’re going to make riding dirt bikes and a.t.v.’s as safe as possible for your kids.Image of me on my 2011 KX250F

I’ve been riding dirt bikes regularly for several years now. Before that it was all about skydiving, and on occasion base jumping. You might be starting to wonder, “do I really want to learn about dirt bike safety from this nut job?” Yes! I assure you I am the right nut job for the job!

I have been successfully managing risk for well over a decade now. I really enjoy taking something that’s potentially dangerous, and making it as safe as it can be. And yes, by following the 3 P’s – regular PrMe jumping my bike.actice, Preparation, and the use of Proper gear, riding a dirt bike or quad can become quite safe.

After spending a few years riding the epic sand pits and trails at Croom Motorcycle Park, I finally migrated over to motocross tracks. Aside from being an absolute blast to ride, the community there is great. I’ve met some really cool people, and I’ve learned a ton about how to safely ride a dirt bike!

I’m looking forward to talking with you and assisting you on all things motocross. You will find that the answers to many of your questions are already in the pages here. But if not, please feel free to email me. And I will get back to as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading, and remember……

For years of fun, make gear #1! SafetyFirstGear.com

Brad Gallant

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