Neck Braces Become Mandatory During Competition

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No they are not mandatory in all motocross races. But an Italian motocross racing federation; the UISP Lega Motociclismo Lombardia, has become the very first racing federation to mandate it’s participants wear neck braces during their competitions, starting in 2015.

During the past few years many neck brace advocates have wondered why neck braces have not already been made mandatory during competition the way helmets have. And while this development has come at the hands of a mere single solitary club, there is almost no doubt that others will soon follow suit.

According to their announcement, the UISP decided to implement the requirement as they felt doing so would help prevent injuries, and save lives. They went on to say that the new rules also specify that foam neck rolls will not qualify as a neck brace, and that any chest protectors and spinal back protectors must be compatible with the neck brace. Although they did not specify what constitutes compatibility.

Dr. Chris Leatt, the architect of the Leatt Corporation, and designer of its neck braces which work with chest and back body armor, commended the move by the UISP by saying,

“The driving force of all our neck brace innovations, and our company, has been the need to prevent death and serious injury to the neck,”

Dr. Leatt said,

“I have no doubt that this action by the UISP will indeed be beneficial to all the racers in Italy, and will allow our neck braces to do what they were designed to do; help protect racers, and anyone riding a motorcycle, who can be at risk during these exciting high-velocity races.”

While the argument for wearing a motocross neck brace has gained a lot of traction, and continues to grow, I know there are still a lot of people on the fence about it, and even decidedly against them. Whatever your feelings are on this topic, I think we can all agree that this is a big step towards a deeper integration of the neck brace into our sport.

Personally, I am glad to hear of this news, as I am a neck brace wearer, and believe that they truly can prevent injury, lessen the severity of injury, and even save some lives!

But if you’re one of those who is still wondering whether or not you or your child should be wearing a neck brace then you should check out our article, “Is A Youth Neck Brace Necessary Protection For My Kid?”

And if you would like see our review of the Leatt Brace then click here. We also reviewed some of their competing braces, the Atlas Tyke, Atlas Prodigy, and the EVS R4.

Yeah I’m all for the use of neck braces, but that is just my opinion, and I realize that everyone else has one too. And I want to hear them all. I would love for a spirited debate to on this topic to unfold right here on Safety First Gear.

Just tell us your thoughts about neck braces, whether or not you think riders should wear neck braces, or what you think about neck braces being mandatory in competition. I also urge you to use the social share buttons to notify your friends so we can get even more peoples input here.

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