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Whether they’re on sale, on clearance, or just an everyday low price, the cheap youth motocross boots & youth a.t.v. boots shown here are the cheapest boots available on the market today! Starting at only $80 these boots are proof that good quality motocross boots don’t have to cost a ton of money.

Riding dirt bikes and a.t.v.’s is a lot of fun, but it’s also an expensive hobby. And while the more costly motocross boots out there are very nice, and certainly worth the money, not everyone can afford their hefty price tag.

So if you’re are looking for the absolute cheapest, most inexpensive youth motocross boots that you can find, well…you just found them!

I’ll begin the list with the cheapest youth boots, and go up from there. Just follow the links to be taken to the retailer offering the boots at the low price.

The first youth motocross boots on the list are the cheapest because they are also the smallest. Designed for the absolute littlest of dirt bike and a.t.v. riders the Fly Racing Maverik Kids Mini Boots retail for $89.95. (See below for sale price).




  • Rigid 3D Moulded shin plate provides impact protection
  • Durable and flexible plastics offer ankle protection
  • Articulated rear ankle provides a level of security, while remaining flexible enough to shift or apply brakes
  • Elastic gaiter seals the top of the boot keeping out dirt, and water
  • Grooves on the toe box aid in shifting
  • Quick lock buckle system is adjustable
  • Steel toe guard keeps the sole attached to the boot, and can also aid in shifting the bike
  • A steel shank is laminated to the sole, and runs the full length of the boot
  • Leather heat shield
  • Sole is replaceable
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Up next is a boot that should look very familiar, because it’s the Fly Racing Maverik Youth Boots boots again. These aren’t the mini ones though. It’s a bigger boot so it comes with a bigger price tag. They retail for $109.95, but these boots are also on sale. I’ll list the specifications below, but they’re the same as before.

Cheap youth motocross boots made by Fly Racing


  • Rigid 3D Moulded shin plate for impact protection
  • Durable and flexible plastics provide ankle protection
  • Articulated rear ankle offers security, while remaining flexible enough to shift or apply brakes
  • Elastic gaiter seals out the elements
  • Grooves on the toe box help shift the bike
  • Fully adjustable quick lock buckle system
  • Steel toe guard keeps the sole from delaminating, and can also aid in shifting the bike
  • A steel shank is laminated to the sole, and runs the full length of the boot
  • Leather heat shield
  • Replaceable sole
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The Answer Racing Fazer Youth Boots are another excellent pair of cheap mx boots. They retail for $109.95, but, like most of the boots on this list, they are also on sale.

Cheap youth motocross boots made by Ocelot.


  • Constructed from high impact resistant Polyurethane & genuine cowhide leather
  • Plastic cam-lock buckles are lightweight and durable
  • A suede exterior panel provides a heat shield protecting the boots from the exhaust header
  • Plenty of interior padding for a comfortable experience
  • Welted sole
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Next up is another  “mini boot” or “pee wee boot”, the Fox Comp 5k Pee Wee Boots. At $109.99, this is the most expensive boot the tiny boot class, (sorry, this one’s not on sale). This is a very nice boot, but when you’re looking for the cheapest youth motocross boots you can find I’m not sure why you would pick this boot over the Fly Maverik mini’s which are also a nice boot, and $30 less.

These are cheap youth motocross boots made by Fox.


  • Race bonded outsole for comfort and durability
  • Top grain leather construction gives a supple feel
  • Internal hardened plastic reinforcements
  • Kid friendly buckles are easy to operate and lock down securely
  • Leather burn guard
  • Nylon gaiter
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The O’Neal Racing Youth Rider Boots are the newest motocross boots made by O’neal. They’re quite similar to the very popular O’neal Youth Element boots, but they’re even less expensive. Being a new item, they’re not on sale yet, but come in at the low price of $109.99

Cheap youth motocross boots made by O'Neal


  • Injection molded plastic plates for impact protection
  • Metal shank for comfort and durability
  • 3 or 4 snap lock buckle closure system, depending on the boot size
  • Welt sole
  • High quality metal toe guard mounted with screws instead of pins which can pop out
  • Air mesh interior helps foot breath a little
  • Cushioned insole
  • Synthetic leather heat shield
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This is the 3rd, and final boot in the “pee wee” class. And once again these are for the youngest dirt biking kids out there. The AXO Drone Pee Wee Dirt Bike Boots are a great little boot.

AXO took all of the same great features that come on this boots big brother, the AXO Drone Jr, and included them on the pee wee version. Retail: $110

Cheap youth motocross boots made by AXO


  • Contoured shin plate
  • The boots upper construction is softer than the adult version, but still provides ample protection
  • Elastic gaiter keeps out dirt and water
  • 3 buckle system with replaceable buckles
  • Large toe box area
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The big brother boot I spoke of a moment ago, the AXO Drone Jr, is also on sale. Click here for details.

This boot should sound very familiar at this point, because this will be the 3rd time it has been mentioned. The Fly Racing Youth Maverik F4 Boots are the newest Maverik boots made by Fly. And are considered to be one of the best entry level boots on the market. And even with a retail price of $119.95, they’re also one of the cheapest motocross boots available.

Fly Racing make cheap motocross boots.


  • Articulated rear ankle is supportive, yet flexible enough to bend your foot down
  • Fully adjustable quick locking buckles have a solid locked in feel
  • Pre-shaped 3D moulded shin plate provides impact protection
  • Elastic gaiter
  • Durable and flexible plastics provide inner ankle protection
  • Burn resistant leather heat shield
  • Race sole with full length steel shank stands up to the abuse of motocross
  • Replaceable sole
  • Toe box grooves to aid shifting
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Coming in at only $119.95 are the Thor Motocross Youth Blitz CE Boots. With an adjusted boot height, and smaller sizing, this cheap motocross boot tailors to young riders.

Cheap motocross boots by Thor


  • 3 adjustable straps/buckles
  • Synthetic heat shield
  • Injection molded medial abrasion plate with integrated shift protection
  • Mesh liner promotes air circulation
  • Uni-directional outsole with steel shank
  • CE Certified
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Also priced at $119.95 are the Moose Racing Youth M1.2 Boots. Moose is company known for making good quality low priced alternatives. And their mx boots are no exception. No they don’t have a hinged ankle or an inner bootie, but they are built to last.

Moose make cheap youth motocross boots.


  • Genuine split grain leather chassis with polyurethane coating for long lasting durability
  • Contoured thermoplastic polyurethane shin, ankle, and a low profile toe plate for abrasion resistance
  • Heavyweight suede leather inner calf guard for abrasion and heat resistance
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane buckle with steel hinge provides durability and smooth action
  • Adjustable and replaceable thermoplastic polyurethane closure strap for ultimate fit
  • Rigid steel shank reinforced sole eliminates sole flex and provides superior foot protection
  • Multi-layer synthetic rubber outsole provides superior grip
  • Polyester and EVA foam inner lining and foot bed wick moisture and provides shock absorption
  • Steel toe cover protects the outsole and improves durability
  • Available in black or white with MX sole only
  • Replacement hardware available
  • CE approved
Read Customer Reviews &/Or Purchase Boots

Remember the O’neal Racing Youth Element Boots I mentioned a minute ago, well they’re the next cheapest boot on the list. These were the first pair of mx boots that I owned, and they were an excellent pair of entry level motocross boots. While they were not as comfortable as the expensive boots I now wear, they are every bit as durable. I did have a problem with a buckle breaking on me once, but I called them up and they promptly sent me out a replacement at no charge. Retail: $129.99

O'Neal youth motocross boots.


  • Bonded sole
  • Durable construction
  • Adjustable buckle closure system
  • Moulded shin plate
  • Generous heel support and padding
  • Heat shield
  • Colored boot straps sold separately
Read Customer Reviews & See The Sale Price

While the next boot on the list isn’t the cheapest, it is almost certainly the most popular. The Fox Youth Comp 3 Boots have a high quality buckle system comparable to those found on more expensive boots. Retail: $129.95

Affordable youth motocross boots.


  • The vertical part of the boot is made from top grain leather which breaks in easily
  • A simple buckle system closes tight
  • Bonded outsole makes the boot more comfortable and more durable
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Made from a lesser known company than the rest, the TCX Youth Comp Boots still deliver a good quality boot, and at $139.99 are fairly cheap too.


TCX makes these cheap youth motocross boots.


  • A mesh liner helps air circulate
  • Upper boot has leather construction for easy break in / comfort
  • Moulded shin plate provides a protective barrier
  • Also sold in black
  • 3 locking polyurethane buckles
  • CE certified
  • Wear-resistant sole
Read Customer Reviews &/Or Purchase Boots

At this point we’re well over $100. But believe it or not, these are still considered to be cheap youth motocross boots. Our final boots on the list are the SixSixOne Youth Comp Boots. At $150 though, it just barely makes it onto this list.

Youth motocross boots.


  • Padded shin guard
  • Also sold in black
  • The interior of boot is lined with comfortable padding
  • Synthetic heat sheild
  • Adjustable straps and replaceable buckles
  • The sole is replaceable and includes steel shank
  • Gaitor keeps the elements out
Read Customer Reviews &/Or Purchase Boots

That’s it for the entry level boots. Hopefully you found some cheap youth motocross boots that you liked, at a price that you liked. If you thought that even these boots are too expensive and are thinking of going with a pair or work boots instead, then I strongly suggest you reconsider, and save up some money for some motocross boots. A riders feet are in a dangerous area down there, and it wouldn’t take much for a child to get a foot injury while riding with work boots.

Just like a helmet, motocross boots are also essential safety equipment that ALL dirt bike and a.t.v. riders should be taking advantage of.


  1. The sixsixones look VERY nice in white!… But really, I just wanted to say that this is a very important service you are providing here. Not enough parents are safety conscious enough when it comes to letting very small kids zip around on these vehicles. Good work and thanks.

    • Thanks Steve, so nice of you to say so! And yeah, those white boots do look sharp! Seems kinda silly to have white motocross boots, but a lot of people wear them like that. You have to wash them often, but boy do they look cool.

  2. Very thorough reviews! I have a nephew who is interested in getting started with dirt bike riding so this is definitely helpful since none of us adults know anything about it! It’s probably best to just spend the money on the quality gear, right? Or is it a waste of money for something he’ll probably outgrow in a bit? And what age do you think it’s appropriate to start riding?

    • Hi Jenny, thanks for your interest, and great questions too! The cheap youth motocross boots in this article actually are of a pretty good quality. The more expensive boots may be a little bit more durable, but the main reason they’re more expensive is because they have added features, like a hinged ankle for example. This makes it easier to shift, brake, and walk around. If you can afford the expensive boots then great. But these cheap boots are well made. They’re designed to take the abuse of motocross riding. So they’re good quality, just lacking some features that drive the cost up.

      I think 3 is a good age to start. You get a little 50cc bike, restrict the throttle to a very slow speed, put training wheels on the bike, and let the kid ride around in the most open area you can find. I know that sounds like a really young age, but I’m talking about some very minimal stuff here. To get a better idea of what I’m talking about you should check out this article;

  3. Great selection of Motocross and ATV boots. Probably any pair that you have listed is better than what I see a lot, and that is riding in tennis shoes or worse! I don’t know what parents are thinking. Riding these machines can be dangerous and your kids should be protected. These might be on the cheaper end, but they are protective and have great style as well. Great information!

    • Thanks for sharing Michelle. I know exactly what you mean, and I’ll never understand what’s going through peoples heads when they ride in regular shoes. The wise idea is to dress for the crash not the cruise.

  4. The TCX Comp youth motocross boots do look so stylish, but I was wondering…do they come in other colors?

    • Yep, they also come in black. Guess you missed that part :)

  5. That’s a nice variety of cheap youth motocross boots you have there:) Much more affordable than I originally thought. They always look really good when they’re new, before the mud and fun ;-p! Hope they have my size! Got any tips on keeping them clean?

    • Ya, pretty simple actually. I wash them right along side my bike after every ride. Just fill a bucket with car wash soap, grab a brush, and go to town on them.

  6. Hi Brad,
    Really nice review of cheap youth motocross boots. You have some outstanding choices, but I think I like the Answer Racing Fazer Youth Boots the best. The selections you have in white look great too I just don’t think they would stay white very long. do you own any of these? What do you think would be the best “features” to have in a pair of these cheap youth motocross boots?

    • I had a pair of the O’Neal Elements. I was really happy with them. I’ve never owned a pair of white boots though. Like you, I feel like it would be hard to keep white boots looking good. As far as an important feature to look for, well, they all have pretty much the same features. But one thing they don’t all have, which I like to have, is the steel tip at the front of the boot. It’s purpose is to prevent the sole from delaminating, but I like it because also helps prevent missed shifts. Sometimes you don’t get the whole toe box beneath the shifter and that steel tip can be just enough to grab the shifter.

  7. Very in depth and informative reviews. Thank you so much for sharing. I will be sure to show this post to a friend of mine. And I know where to come if I need to get some of these cheap youth boots :)

    • You’re welcome Elasa. I’m glad you enjoyed the article!

  8. Great review here – very thorough.
    I totally agree, you can’t put a price on safety, no cutting corners with this type of equipment.

    • Thanks! I love when people agree with me! :)

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