Motocross Families Rock!!!

People don’t often realize it, but motocross is a family sport. No that doesn’t mean packs of moms whipping it past your son, or throwing roost on your daughter! Well, probably not. Although many parents do themselves ride, most do not. Most parents just share in the adventure from the sidelines.

Mom and her 3 sons at a motocross race.Whether they’re up in the bleachers cheering their kids on, and taking some awesome pictures. Or hanging out in the pits, excitedly sharing in their child’s most recent triumph. It’s a truly unique and addicting experience that brings families together again and again.

It’s a lot different than many of the other activities out there. Where all the Moms and Dads just drop their kids off, then pick them back up again later. Rather motocross parents get to spend the day actually hanging out with their kids!

First riders are split up into several groups based on their bike size and skill level. Then they take their turns out on the track. About 15 to 20 minutes at a time.

Which is really cool since you get to watch your kid run the track. Then spend time together off the track, while you wait for his group to head back out. It’s a great opportunity to be a parent, and pass on all that wisdom you’ve gained overcoming the obstacles in your own life.

Because motocross is just like life, with its numerous challenges, and hindrances to success. It’s the perfect place for them to learn how to persevere, finally reach their goals, and discover the numerous personal benefits that follow. Including the confidence to do anything they set their mind to.

Motocross Family at Westshore MXThat’s why motocross is so dang awesome! Not only is it immensely entertaining. But it also provides much needed character building for our youth, and creates very special family bonds.

If your pod is one of the even more adventurous types then you can extend the family fun over the whole weekend with trips to distant tracks. And precious few things bring a family closer than traveling and camping together. What’s more is your kids will get a chance to meet new people. As well as broaden their skill set by experiencing new and different terrain.

Fortunately many tracks offer free camping to their customers, or RV hookups for a small fee. So take advantage. But be sure to check out our Motocross Track Locator for directions and contact information before heading out on the road.

If you’re one of the growing number of motocross families out there then you already know why people say that “a family that plays together stays together!” If not, then perhaps it’s time you and yours get out to the track and see what you’ve been missing.

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