Motocross Tracks – Maine

MX 207 | Lyman, ME

MX207 has 2 tracks. A minibike/pitbike track. And our full size motocross track. The big track has something for everyone from the super long table top that challenges the pros to the long straights that will delight the speed freaks. There is also a supercross style double double section. The entire MX track is watered to perfection in minutes by a powerful sprinkler system.

  • Website¬†
  • Track Type(s): Motocross, Trails
  • Email:
  • Phone: 207-247-3043
  • Fees: $30 – Non – registered, $25 – Registered
  • Location: Rt. 202, Lyman, ME 04002

Hemonds Motocross Park | Minot, ME

HMXP has two tracks, a bike wash area, showers, and concessions on race days.

  • Website:
  • Phone: 207-346-6200
  • Location: 695 Woodman Hill Road, Minot, ME 04258

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