Motocross Tracks – Maryland

The Landing MX | Easton, MD

The owner, David Segal, is also a rider himself. So when he designed the track he did so from a riders perspective. He also put in a Pee Wee track for the little ones.

Budds Creek Motocross Park | Mechanicsville, MD

Budds Creek Motocross Park’s natural terrain and scenic beauty make this track a favorite among riders from all around the world. We’ve hosted some big time races like: the World Motocross U.S. Grand Prix; AMA National events, and today’s AMA Motocross and Motocross Lites Pro National Championship events. As well as numerous amateur races.

Speed Citi | Easton, MD

Speed Citi has 4 tracks for some of the most desirable riding on the east coast. We have a National track, a Quad-Vet track, a Beginner track, and a Pee Wee track. All the tracks are groomed and watered daily.

Wicomico Motorsports Park | Budds Creek, MD

Formerly Southern Maryland ATV Park, Wicomico is a family oriented track and trails. With over 300 acres of dirt bike and A.T.V. friendly, one-way trails. We have tracks for beginners, intermediate riders, and advanced riders.

Green Ridge State Forest | Flintstone, MD

Green Ridge State Forest features almost 20 miles of off-road trails.

  • Track Type: Off-Road Trails
  • Phone: 301-478-3124
  • Hours: Open Daily
  • Fees: Must be registered or have DNR off-road permit
  • Location: 28700 Headquarters Dr. NE, Flintstone, MD 21530


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