Pee Wee Dirt Bike Boots Comparison; Fox Vs AXO

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It’s important to get our kids started early. And get them used to riding in the types of gear they’ll be wearing throughout their motocross careers. And what better way to accomplish this than a pair of trick looking pee wee dirt bike boots. But which ones? The Fox Comp 5k VS. the AXO Drone.

Fox Pee Wee Dirt Bike Boots

The Fox Comp 5k and the Fox Comp 5k Undertow, along with the other boot being compared here, are the smallest kids mx boots being sold.

What’s nice about these boots?

COMFORT. The Fox Comp 5k boots are constructed out of supple top grain leather which is great for comfort and flexibility, has virtually no break in time, promotes good bike feel, and is fairly lightweight. Bottom line; kids love how comfortable these boots are!

Fox Pee Wee Motocross BootsFox knows little kids don’t like riding with wet feet any more than anyone else does. So they put in a nylon gaiter to keep out water and mud. Just like the big kids boots.

PROTECTION. Leather alone wouldn’t provide much impact protection though. Accomplishing this are moulded shin plates, and internal plastic reinforcements. Great for when the bike tips over on their leg, or their little feet slip off, smacking shins on pegs.

The boot does come with a high traction race bonded sole, which provides some pretty good grip. But little kids, with their still somewhat undeveloped coordination, are still just a little more likely to experience some slippage.

There is also a tougher suede leather on the interior of the boot where the boot contacts the bike, providing abrasion resistance as well as a heat shield.

BUCKLES. It really stinks when an otherwise good boot has a stupid buckle system. This is even more true for an impatient kid in hurry up mode. Fortunately these pee wee boots come with two simple, and easy to operate buckles. Enabling your child to proudly put on his own boots before hopping on his bike.

SIZING. They run the same size as the little kid shoes your used to buying, so if you have a six year old who wears an 11.5 shoe then get a size 12 boot. Don’t be confused by the much larger selection of “youth motocross boots” being sold on the internet. Those boots are for the bigger kids. The boots being compared here are the only ones available for pee wees, ages 3-7.

MY OPINION. I think the Fox Comp 5k is a great little pee wee boot. It’s really cool how they took so many of the features available on the bigger boots, and just made them tiny. Rather than just making some generic p.o.s.

The texturing in the toe area to assist with shifting is nice.

Also included in the boot, a layered insole that you can peel apart to get a perfect fit, or compensate for a growing foot. Genius!

COST. This boot is available in two trick looking styles. The Fox Comp 5k which normally sells for around $109.95, and the Fox Comp 5k Undertow, (which is the same exact boot, but with a graphic design on the side) for $119.95.

Fox Pee Wee Motocross Boots

Fox Comp 5k – Undertow

Fox Pee Wee Motocross Boots

Fox Comp 5k

WHERE TO BUY. If you want to find out even more about these boots, read customer reviews, or are ready to buy. Then I recommend checking out one of these two excellent locations. They both offer great customer service, numerous payment methods, and ship these boots for free.

Motorcycle Superstore -OR- Rocky Mountain ATVMC

AXO Drone Pee Wee Dirt Bike Boots

The first thing you notice about the AXO Drone pee wee boot, when compared to the Fox Comp 5k, is that it has an extra buckle. That’s because this boot is a little bit taller than the Fox boot. This isn’t necessarily a good thing, or a bad thing. It just depends on your needs.

Getting used to riding in motocross boots can be a little awkward at first. So some people will prefer the smaller, and less cumbersome, Fox boot, which provides a slightly better bike feel.

On the other hand the taller AXO boot offers protection that goes a little higher up the leg. So there is a bit of a tradeoff here.

COMFORT. A roomy toe box accommodates those who prefer a little extra wiggle room in their shoes/boots. Once again the top of the toe box is lined with slip resistant ridges to aid in shifting.

Another nice feature found inside this boot is a mesh liner. It’s there to promote air circulation, and sweat wicking. Minimizing foot stank.

And of course, it wouldn’t be an mx boot if it didn’t have a gaiter to keep out dirt, pebbles, and water. AXO does a really nice job here with a tapered vinyl and foam gaiter.

AXO Kids MX BootsOne last thing AXO did to provide a little extra comfort for the pee wee riders was widen up the top of the boot a little. Most kids aren’t really going to notice this, but riders with thicker legs will likely prefer this boot over the Fox Comp 5k.

PROTECTION. A generously sized shin plate wraps across the shin and instep protecting the entire front of the boot. In other areas hard plastic pieces are raised in critical spots, and taper down in areas where less needed.

A durable welted sole with steel shank provides protection as well as comfort. You could argue that kids mx boots don’t really need a steel shank running through the sole of the boot, because they aren’t hitting any jumps yet. But AXO put one in there anyway.

Thick synthetic leather is used for the heat shield.

BUCKLES. The extra buckle will need to be done and undone every time you put the boot on, or off. Not too big of a deal. But these buckles do take a bit more force to get snapped down. It’s not a deal breaker by any means. But your kid may need your assistance getting buckled in. Fortunately they are replaceable.

SIZING. Pretty much the same as the other boots here, available in sizes 10-13. But unlike the Fox Comp 5, however, they have 2 extra sizes available. A size 1 and 2, which are bigger than the size 13.

MY OPINION. A better buckle would put this boot over the top. I like the extra room in the foot and calf areas because kids grow fast. I also like the  metal tip on the front of the sole. It’s main function is to make the boot more durable by preventing the sole from delaminating, but it also helps prevent missed shifts.

WHERE TO BUY? They’re both leaders in this industry, and will have competitive pricing. But I’d check both spots to see if there is a sale going on.

Motorcycle Superstore -OR- Rocky Mountain ATVMC

IN CONCLUSION. Little kids love motocross boots. Whichever one you decide on they’re probably going to be wearing them around the house for a few days, so you almost can’t go wrong here.

Perhaps the deciding factor should be whether you think your kid would prefer a slightly smaller and lighter boot, or one that is a bit bigger and more protective.

Do you have experience with the Fox Comp 5k or the AXO Drone pee wee dirt bike boots already? If so please share your story here.


  1. These are really good boots for kids just starting to ride, I wish they were around when I first started riding. I used to hate getting my feet wet, these would be great in wet weather conditions. There not really that expensive either, I expected them to be around $200. Very good review here!

    • Agreed. Misty toes are unhappy toes. I realize they’re just toes. But does that make them any less deserving of happiness? I think not.

  2. Really informative. These look really comfy and I think would keep the kids safe.

  3. This is a great review, Brad. You have identified all the important points in relation to the safety aspect of these riding boots which helps in decision making. Best of luck, and really like your domain name!

    • Thanks a bunch. Keep checking back. I’ll be posting an article on helmets very soon!

  4. It’s crazy how much youth dirt bike boots look like adult dirt bike boots! I’d never know the difference looking at the pictures. I bet they feel pretty darn cool though wearing them. I could see the kids wanting to wear their little pee wee dirt bike boots around the house and around all their little friends! Good info though.

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