Top 3 Youth Motocross Helmets; Kids Love These!

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Today’s society is always trending towards more and more variety. One look at the amount of motocross gear for sale these days and you know it’s true. It sure is nice to have such a large variety of gear items at our disposal. But unfortunately that sometimes means the best gear, and the best deals, end up getting lost. The solution:’s Top 3 Youth Motocross Helmets.

Our top 3 list determines the best of the best by using criteria like; Price, Quality, Popularity, and Style. And the result is three authenticated winners.

But before I get into who the winners are though. I would like to share a bit of…

General Knowledge About Youth Motocross Helmets

The best kids helmets are designed to be every bit as protective and comfortable as the ones for grown ups. Recognizing that little kids aren’t too young to know the difference, quality manufacturers just made their youth helmets smaller and lighter, and kept all the same great features of their adult counterparts

But when compared to many street bike helmets, you’ll notice the motocross ones come with scratch resistant clear coated graphics designed to hold up to the abrasiveness of off road racing.

They’re also well ventilated, and have removable / washable inner liners and cheek pads. Which is a critical component. Unless you happen not to mind smelling like roadkill.

Furthermore, all the helmets listed here have hard outer shells made from varying composite plastics which have exceptional strength, are very lightweight, and are DOT approved.

However, you need to understand something about the DOT “approval process”. For lack of a better term.

First of all, off-road helmets don’t necessarily have to meet this requirement. And so, even though a particular brand may claim that their helmet meets DOT’s specifications, there is a reasonable chance, it may in fact not. Since manufacturers aren’t normally required to offer up their helmet to a third party company for testing and verification of that claim.

This means that it’s really easy for dubious companies to falsely assert that their helmet has been approved by the DOT. When the DOT has probably never even heard of their company before.

Now, I am not saying that I think any of the helmets listed here, or being sold at any of the major retailers like Motorcycle Superstore, or Rocky Mountain MC ATV are dubious. Because I don’t. These companies have been in the industry for a long time, and have good longstanding reputations.

What I am saying is that not only should you be a little wary of a company who is selling a “DOT Approved” helmet for $30. You should stay away from them altogether.

On to the review.

At the # 3 spot. The Answer Racing Nova Youth Helmet

This was a tough spot to pick because there was some really close competition coming from the Thor Youth Quadrant and the MSR Youth Assault.

But Answer edged out its opponents by selling their just as good youth helmet for up to $20 less!

Plus their youth-small size is a full size smaller than Thors. Something we know parents who are looking to protect a little toddlers melon will appreciate.

It’s available in 5 different striking styles for $99.95 $89.99, and two special edition versions at $109.95 $98.99.

It comes with a full EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) liner. No this isn’t the plush comfort liner. This is the protective foam glued to the shell that’s in charge of absorbing and dissipating impact forces, and in this particular case it runs throughout the whole helmet AND chin bar for added protection.


If you’d like to find out even more about the Answer youth motocross helmets features, look at a size chart, or are ready to take advantage of the sale, just click on the link below.

Youth Motocross Gear and Helmet Sale

# 2 On Our List, The Fox Youth V1 Motocross Helmet

This helmet is available in 3 different shell sizes. Which is a very nice feature, because it prevents your kid from having to lug around the extra weight, and bulk, of an unnecessarily large helmet shell stuffed with extra padding. A nice feature indeed! The styling is nothing to sneeze at either.

There aren’t nearly as many different looks to choose from as our number one pick, but the 7 that they do have are very sharp. Especially the super sick looking Fox V1 Matte Black helmet.

When it comes to ventilation, feeling as cool as you look isn’t a problem in the Fox V1 youth helmet. A class leading 7 intake vents and 4 exhaust ports amount to a virtually unmatched airflow.

The Fox V1 sells for $109.95. If you’re interested in making a purchase, or would just like to read some customer reviews, click the link below.

Motorcycle Superstore Youth Motocross Helmet

And now, in the top spot, claiming SFG’s title of Best Youth Motocross Helmet….

#1) The Fly Racing Youth Kinetic Helmet

Honestly it wasn’t even a fair fight. The Fly Kinetic probably could have ranked for it’s huge variety of styles alone. An astounding 19 different variations means every rider will be able to match any dirt bike or gear colors.

Getting excellent protection, while still remaining very lightweight, is a bit of a task. But Fly does it well. The Dual Density EPS Foam helmet has two layers of expanded polystyrene. One softer layer, and one slightly harder, combining to provide a more progressive impact absorption. A forward thinking design that we will no doubt be seeing a lot more of in the future.

Constructed with aluminum hardware, Fly proves their commitment to making their youth motocross helmet one of the lightest your kid has ever worn.

The vast majority of styles in the Fly Kinetic line are selling for only $89. Making excellent pricing another major reason this helmet triumphed over all.

They also have a few signature series models to choose from for those who don’t mind spending a few extra bucks for an added touch of class.

But by now you probably just want to know about the venting right?


O.k.! O.k.!. I was just about to get to that. I understand though. After all, it is a KEY FEATURE!!! And with 10 massive vents, and over-sized exhaust ports, the Fly Kinetic does not disappoint.

There’s even a high-flow mouthpiece for even greater air flow.

Yep. They really went all out on this one. They probably could have gotten away with pricing this helmet a bit higher, but that’s Fly for you.


You have to go to Motorcycle Superstore in order to find the huge variety of styles I was telling you about. Click the link below to see for sure, but, at the time of the writing of this article all of the Fly Helmets were on sale.

Fly Youth Motocross Helmet Sale

I hope you enjoyed reading this article about youth motocross helmets. If so share it with a friend.

Also feel free to comment on your own personal experience with these helmets, mention one you like better, or whatever.


  1. Here I am mentioning “whatever”. I like your site, like the topic, youth must wear helmets and it’s good to help them choose the one that suits them best.
    I am right now looking for a scooter helmet for my three years old, he has recently discovered speed, and I already started to worry about his safety. :) I’m looking for a very light one, and he doesn’t like anything. Ok, you can laugh…

    • Ha ha haa! Sounds like you may have a future motocross rider on your hands. Scooter helmets are out of my area of expertise though. So your guess is as good as mine there. But I can tell you that proper fitment is priority number one, for a few reasons. 1) A helmet that’s too small is not likely to be worn much, as it will be uncomfortable. 2) If it’s too big it can easily move out of position, and impede vision. And 3) An improperly sized helmet simply won’t provide the level of protection that you’d expect.

      You’re wise to be looking for a light weight helmet. As this will also aid in comfort, again making it more likely to be worn.

  2. Don’t ever underestimate the importance of wearing a helmet. Whether it is dirt bike racing or any other active sport. It only takes one accident without a helmet to ruin a life. Do your research people and make sure that you and your children have the protection they need.

  3. Thanks for comparing these helmets! The information is very helpful. Shopping for stuff like this can be mind-boggling.

    • Agreed.

      Much better to shop for one and be mind boggled. Then not to shop for one. And end up brain boggled :)

  4. Thanks for the education. It’s good to know that those things are well-ventilated and washable. I’ve always wondered about the smell.. xD

  5. I love my Fly Kinetic and agree that is a great helmet for the little ones. Has many features that helmets twice the price have and more!

  6. I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it
    up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back later.

  7. Hi, My son just turned 3 and we got him a “real” 4 wheeler. He graduated from his power wheels one, so we got him an electric razor. It has real rubber wheels and allows him to keep up with ours in terms of terrain. The thing is pretty zippy. I had my husband alter it so that he can’t go full speed. But I still want a helmet on that head! Haha! So, my question is what would you suggest. I got him a helmet that I felt was way too heavy and poses a risk of breaking his neck with a sudden stop. I’m not sure if that is a legitimate concern, but it sure seems as if that kind of weight could lead to major whiplash or worse. So we are now looking for something as light weight as possible, but still comfortable and safe. Money isn’t a big issue as safety takes priority. Thank you!

    • Hi Lisa,

      Unfortunately, they do not make a youth a.t.v. helmet light enough for a child that small. However you do have a couple of options. You could buy a youth neck roll, which is a thin piece of foam that sits on the shoulders, upper back, and chest. This will support much of the weight of the helmet, and limit the helmets movement. Here’s a link for a neck roll; You might also want to search Amazon and Ebay.

      Your other option is to buy a bicycle helmet from somewhere like Walmart. The bicycle helmet will be much lighter, and fit better, but the drawback is there is no protection for the face.

      Thanks for your question. I hope this helps!


  8. My friend’s daughters will be turning 4 the end of the month and he has recently purchased a four wheeler, but more importantly, we have started introducing them to my son’s 50cc dirt bike. They currently wear my son’s helmet when on the dirt bike, but I feel it is important to get them their own helmets so that they are use to wearing them whether on the four wheeler with adults or as they transition to the dirt bike. My brother purchased my son’s helmet for his birthday the year he also got his dirt bike. I relied on him to do the research, as he had recently done so to make purchases of this nature for my nephew. He buys from a shop locally, which I am all for, but they can tend to be pricey. When buying for small children, who grown fairly quickly, I try to be more cost efficient without sacrificing safety.

    I have found the following helmets on amazon, but am not having much luck finding reviews. Could you please lend your expertise…

    Thank You!

    • Hi Jackie,

      I see that you are interested in a pink motocross / four wheeler kids helmet, so you may want to check out another article of mine,

      But I like the one you have selected because it is made with smaller helmet shell size which is intended for children, rather than a bigger, and heaver adult size shell stuffed with extra padding. Which leads me to another thing I like about this helmet, it weighs only 3lbs.

      And finally, another good thing about this helmet, is the small size is smaller than most. Not sure of this 4 yr old head measurement, be sure to get this before ordering, but at only four years old, the smaller than averages size of this helmet is likely a benefit in this case.

      Thanks for your interest, and have a great day!


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