Which Youth Dirt Bike Gear You Should Get; Or Avoid

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Protect Your Little Rider!

If your son or daughter has taken an interest in dirt bikes or A.T.V.’s then that’s great! But if he isn’t wearing the proper youth dirt bike gear then he may be in unnecessary danger!

Whether he’s into regular dirt bikes or A.T.V.’s, there are certain safety precautions that need to be taken. It’s like my old instructor used to always tell me,

 “Dress for the crash, not the cruise!”

He may have been my skydiving instructor, but his advice applies to motocross too. In fact it’s even more applicable to motocross, where crashes occur more frequently.

So, no matter if your child is just a casual rider goofing around on the local tracks, trails, and sand pits. Or is a more serious-competitive rider who likes to race. You are going to need to buy some dirt bike gear for kids

Your kids probably don’t realize it, but they ARE looking to you for protection. And even if they were to somehow realize it, (not likely), they certainly wouldn’t admit to it.Wisdom Statue

Because in their minds they are independent, 10 feet tall, and bulletproof. But that’s only because they don’t know any better. You do and you want your little riders to be protected.

And so, it is your mission to make sure they are bound in bubble wrap and covered in pillows! Ok well maybe not that, but that’s pretty close actually. A suit of armor then? No, your kid will hate you for that too. But we’re getting closer. Here’s what you do.

You shield your kid head to toe in a really cool looking arsenal of molded and hardened plastics, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and foam! He doesn’t hate you now! No. Now he loves you!

Avoid Buying Gear That Won’t Get Used

Alright well you have your parts list, now get to work! Oh, that’s right. You don’t have your own manufacturing plant. Well don’t worry. I know a few good ones. But in order to avoid wasting your money on gear that will never get used there are a few things you need to know first.

Depending on your child’s size/age, and type of riding he does, there might be some kids dirt bike riding gear that you really need to get or some that you could do without.

Take tear offs for example. These thin little pieces of plastic go over the outside of the goggle lens and when one gets dirty you just tear it right off. They’re great for racers but casual riders don’t normally use them.

Another piece of gear fairly common among racers, but not casual riders, is knee braces. Most riders do not wear these as they are expensive and cumbersome. Fast, aggressive riders, people with bad knees, or a knee that’s been operated on, should look into getting these but everyone else will probably want to skip it.

And finally one more piece of gear that confuses many people is neck braces. I go into detail on this important piece of equipment in a separate article. So be sure to check that out here.

Youth Neck Brace - LeattYouth Neck Roll - Alpinestars

But for now just know that neck braces offer much greater protection than the mx neck rolls do. The rolls however, are just fine for toddlers and some small children.

Aside from those exceptions, all children – riding A.T.V.’s or Motocross, need essentially the same protective equipment.

Helmets, goggles, gloves, boots, knee/shin guards, an MX jersey and pants, and in most cases, neck braces, and chest protectors are all considered staples in any good youth motocross gear bag.

Kids Love This Gear

First off, you probably shouldn’t buy your son any pink or purple gear. Then again maybe you should. I’m certainly not judging. But the point is, apart from color there really isn’t much difference between the dirt bike safety equipment for boys and girls. In fact, they’re the same.

But when it comes to brand names some are much “cooler” than others. You know the deal. So what are the cool and popular brand’s that your kid would love to have?

The most popular one out there is definitely Fox. They have a very broad selection of budget friendly stuff and high end stuff to choose from. Alpinestars, a company best known for making killer MX boots, also has an extremely popular line of apparel.

Oneal, MSR, Thor, and Answer, are also excellent brands. If you stick to one of those you can be sure you’re kid will be thrilled with his new gear. There is other good stuff out there though.

So if you find some equipment that has a design you think your kid will like, or has a feature you want, but isn’t one of the brands I mentioned, then don’t be afraid to go with it.

Bargain-Basement or Top-Of-The-Line?

Generally speaking it’s a good idea to go at least mid pack to help ensure good quality. Sometimes that entry level stuff is just a little too junky. Which may mean it’s not only uncomfortable, but also brakes sooner than you think it should have.

It is however, much more important to get ALL the equipment needed to protect your kid. Don’t buy one of the coolest, most expensive a.t.v. helmets for kids if it means you wont be able to afford youth dirt bike boots too. Safety first, cool second!

Besides, your kid will be happy to get any gear and to be riding at all anyways. If not then tough. At least you’ll have gotten him all the equipment needed to protect him properly.

Get The Size Right The First Time!

Nobody wants to waste their time getting the wrong size equipment, or their money-shipping stuff back and forth. It can be a real hassle.

Not only that but improperly sized gear won’t provide the level protection that you want, and may even be hazardous.

Fortunately, getting the size right is rather easy after you check out the size charts and read any product reviews first. If there are any unusual sizing issues with a particular product somebody will usually have alerted the public to it by writing a review on the product page.

Riding Is Fantastic Family Building Fun!

I hope you now have a better understanding of the need for a complete set of youth motocross gear. You’ve learned that you can’t necessarily depend on your kid to tell you what kind of protective equipment he needs. It’s up to you to prepare him.

You also know that while looking cool matters, actually having all of the necessary equipment is much more important.

Mom and her two sons at the MX SchoolDirt bike riding is one of the most fun and exciting activities I’ve ever been a part of! It’s fun to do, fun to watch, and fun to talk about. All of which make it a really great way to bond with your son or daughter.

Whether you’re cheering or coaching on the sidelines, taking pictures or videos, or out there on your own bike. Your sons and yes daughters too, are really going to enjoy the time they spend with you on a dirt bike.

I have a lot more knowledge about motocross gear for kids that I’m excited to share with you. So please see my other articles and check back often.

Also, please feel free to  leave comments. Or any questions you may have below.

Brad Gallant

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